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onsdag 27. januar 2010

Why I became a PhotoArtist

I became a photoartist because it involves me with everything around me.

I became a photoartist because it provides me balm to my soul and my eyes

I've seen beautiful castles

and where the poor live

I've seen children in the neighborhood

and around the world

I have seen magnificent architecture

and ruins too

I have photographed joy

and despair

I have photographed movements

and fear

I have photographed innocent

and beautiful models

I have photographed fishes

and toes

I have photographed animals

and beautiful bird

I have photographed the wonders of nature

and of man.

I've seen - and photographed - parts of the world through my own eyes. There is fortunately still uncountable many beautiful things, people, exciting places and magnificent views to explore, and I will continue to photograph all of this, on my adventurous journey through my life ..

That is why I am a PhotoArtist.