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lørdag 16. juni 2012

Sola Airshow 2012 - F16 - Pilot Major Eskil Amdal

This year 2012,  it is one hundred years since the first Norwegian military aircraft took off from Norwegian ground, and now at Sola Airshow 2012, the Air Force celebrates its anniversary with an airshow.
Whilst flying the F-16 aircraft we saw acrobatic exercises and there was a lot of noise that made a delicious vibrated in the stomach. I must admit that, to forget the earplugs on this F16 show, was not a smart thing to do. I were about to blow my eardrums out to get some photographs of the aircraft while it was in  near distance. Fortunately, my eardrums are still just fine, I think? What?
Amdal is the fantastic talented pilot in the anniversary plane and he delivered a breathtakingly great show with this new painted fighter. The F-16 plane is carrying the colors of the Norwegian flag for the occasion.
Amdal has flown over 60 different aircraft and traveled over 2,700 miles in the air. And I read in Rogaland Avis that his comments are: - To fly this plane is amazing. It's a boy dream come true

I am a little bit proud, that I photograph the parachute at the moment where it is on it's way out of the aircraft, so I just had to show you this photo as well.

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