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mandag 13. januar 2014

Wild Bears at Kuikka

In 2012 I was invited by Stavanger Foto to join their workshop to the deep forests of Finland, in September,  to photograph wild bears, wolves and wolverines.

I have completely forgot to blog these photos from there, but better late than never. First out now is these pictures of bears.

It is Lassi Rautianinen that has made ​​these workshops possible. He has for many years developed several feeding places to photograph these wild animals.

This were my first trip to Lassi Rautiainen who organize these bear-photo-trips far north east of Finland, right on the border with Russia. A flight of one and a half hour from Helsinki to Kajaani and then a road trip in 2 1/2 hour past Kuhmo, to Kuikka which is only a few kilometers from the Russian border.

The pictures on this 

2 kommentarer:

  1. For et møte! Du fikk kjempeflotte bilder fra Finnland.
    Fra Hilda

    1. Ja, det var fantastisk å få oppleve disse dyra på nært hald. Tusen takk Hilda :-)