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mandag 22. februar 2010

Birds And Food

Remember to give the birds food

Photographed through the window
The birds like fruit and berries..........

and they also like boiled, cold potatoes
Breadcrumbs and cake residue is a favorite, they
are like human, don't always thinking of their health

Sunflower seeds, oatmeal lightly cooked,
crushed Hazelnuts and choppy almonds.....
Whole grain wheat and Ground Nuts too....
Make a food party for the birds.
They love it!

If the seed mixtures or bread is muggent, 
It must NOT be given to the birds. 

Throw it away, because it's deadly for the birds.

fredag 19. februar 2010

The Swing Girl

We Are Not Adults Before We Dare To Be Juvenile

She play in the swing and
I play with my camera

Model: Cathrine Sikveland

fredag 12. februar 2010

Whispering Trees

The trees whisper soft words

- be good to everyone

The trees whisper wise words

- be kind to everyone

The trees whisper words of wisdom

- show respect to everyone

The trees whispered words of joy

- smile to everyone

The trees whispered words of happiness

- show love to everyone

I love to listen to the whispering trees