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lørdag 27. mars 2010


Cute and charming Iselina is 3 years old, and extremely
talented in front of the camera. It was so fun to photograph
her in the old house that we had to location

søndag 21. mars 2010

~Cathy~ Tawny Owl (Strix Aluco)

A friend of mine Rune Karlsen, had a owl in care after it was hit by a car 14 days ago. It looked like the outer part of one wing was broken, but else the owl seemed to be in good shape. Rune went to a veterinarian for an check, and took X-rays of both wings. It was great joy when the x-ray showed that there were no fractures. The owl just needed a good rest for about 14 days which it got, Rune only gave the owl 2 to 3 mice every night.

Yesterday, the owl should return to her freedom, witch we were looking so forward to, and I were lucky to join, to see and photograph it, when she should fly away to her freedom.

The trip went to the place where it was hit by a car.

We went into the woods where it was released.

Unfortunately it did not went as we had hoped for, the owl did not fly away, but instead fly to the ground 20 to 30 meters further away.

New attempts were made 3-4 times to no avail, the owl pulled to one side to lose altitude.

Very disappointed we had to realize that it did not go as we had hoped for.

We suspect that the X-ray images do not match completely after what we saw today.

So now the owl back in the booth and my friend will take a new trip to the veterinarian this week.

Until then, it will still get good care, we have not given up hope for the owl yet, but we are concerned after what we saw yesterday.

But I still hope that she will became in good shape, and can return to her freedom one day.