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onsdag 27. juli 2011

Norway is a Country in Grief

"We have chosen to respond to cruelty with proximity, chosen to meet hatred with unity. We have chosen to show what we stand for. Norway is a country in grief." Quoted from speech by Jens Stoltenberg 

mandag 25. juli 2011

Standing Together For Peace - Stavanger

75000 people gathered in Stavanger to show solidarity with the 76 people (Found Dead Bodys) who were killed in attacks on a government building in Oslo and a political youth camp on Utøya.

lørdag 23. juli 2011

Sad Puffins

I don't think they were sad these puffins. But these images reflect more how I feel today. Totally devastated and appalled by the dreadful acts that happend on Utøya and Oslo Friday 22.07.2011. My thoughts goes to all involved in this unimaginable tragedy.

søndag 17. juli 2011

Puffins arrive Látrabjarg

Látrabjarg is one of Iceland's largest bird cliffs with a
Puffin colony on the cliff edge, especially at Bjargtanger.
And here it is highly unusual, since the Puffins are
not frightened of humans and thus easy to approach. 

lørdag 9. juli 2011

Honey? Where are you?


"Honey? Where are you?"

"There you are! Do you want to play?"

"Don't be shy. I know you love me." 

"Oh cheers and joy! Now we will play and have some great fun. But you will not be able to see it.
Have a great weekend folks."

I meet this charming and beautiful fulmars (Fulmarus Glacialis) on Flatey on Iceland in June. They give me so much fun in the way they behave. Really fun to photograph them.