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lørdag 18. desember 2010

I Am The Passenger - Iggy Pop

I am the passenger
And I ride and I ride
I ride through the citys backside
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, theyre bright in a hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight
I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the citys a rip in the sky
And everything looks good tonight
Singin la la la la la-la-la la
La la la la la-la-la la
La la la la la-la-la la la-la

(Inpsired by Iggy Pop)

fredag 10. desember 2010

Himalayas and Mount Everest

I did not climb Mount Everest, but I touched it with my heart. 

I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on board
Buddha Air's Everest Experience Flight to Mt. Everest on 10.October 2010.
(Easy date to remember)

Mount Everest 8,848 m (29,029 ft) The highest mountain in the world.
Mount Everest

onsdag 8. desember 2010

Darkside of Winter

The snow is falling
and the wind is blowing
The cold bits on the outside

Home sweet home
Good and warm
Plenty of food and beverages

There are also people out there,
Homeless and helpless
Freeze to death without warm clothes
Starving without food and drink

Do not forget them. 
Help them!

The snow is falling
and the wind is blowing
The cold bits on the outside

tirsdag 30. november 2010

søndag 28. november 2010

Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)

We were out on an elephant safari in the jungle in Chitwan (Nepal) to discover the wildlife that live there. I must admit that I were so pleased that I were sitting high on an elephant when we met this rhino. But to shoot from the top here were a challenge. It were cramped and painful, and the elephant went with his rhythm, which were not as easy to follow. But I got shot a few pictures of the rhino.

Getting from A to Z

First of all, to be a driver in India, 
requires an alert head, 
strong heart and a little bit of luck

To get from A to Z, exist in many different varieties. 
You can use a camel

A car

An over filled truck

or a fancy trucks 

A car with LOTS of people, wonder how many there are in this car?

A well loaded bicycle

With a holy cow

or on an elephant

with horse and carriage

 or a taxi bike

Walking with a stick, or maybe a moped

 and relaxed on the top of the cart

And of course many other opportunities