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søndag 30. januar 2011

City Lights Here and There

City Light has been a very inspiring and challenging topic. I’ve been out shooting 4 times this week, looking for city lights. I have  photographed the urban landscape at night, traffic and traffic lights, railway station and more. I have used short and long shutter speeds, small and large aperture, movements, lights in and without focus. Many hilarious results . 

But I wanted a result that is typical of a city. Then I think of fancy colored light, which might also flashes. So it would  be perfect to visit Las Vegas, New York or an another big city this week, to really capture the city lights. But city light like that, we don’t have where I live, so this result "Face on the light wall" were the city light I found in the nearest town that stood out the most.

This is part of the X/52 project. Have a look at the other participants this week.