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onsdag 7. juli 2010

Summer Exhibition 9. July - 31 August

Thrane Gaard Gallery
9 July - 31 August

Opening hours:
Tuesday 11-15, Wednesday 17-20, Friday 11-15 and Sunday from 12 - 15 (some Sundays closed).
Address: Austråttveien 10, 4306 SANDNES

Contact telephone:
+47 477 58 082 / Berit
+47 411 04 977 / Janne

Group exhibition with works by:

Berit Thrane Dirdal
Anne Øverås
Helene Sværen
Anne Ueland
Anne Mette Moland
Salvatore Curto
Kjellaug Herring Bottom
Solfrid Helene Stone Forest

Welcome to an exciting gallery with various exhibitors. In their shop you will find a variety of different arts and crafts, including ceramics, honey, art glass, jewelry and hand-cast candles, etc. The barn has its own silver workshop where they make jewelry, rings, earrings and bracelets. Traditional patterns and own design.

Thrane Gård has survived many generations and is situated in rural surroundings on the top of the hill Austrått in Sandnes. The building dates back to 1700. It is currently owned by Jærmuseet, but used by local artists. They want to create an environment on the farm related to arts and culture, with room for both amateurs and professionals.

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