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torsdag 26. april 2012

Wanted: Guri Malla - Is stolen

This picture got stolen at the opening of my 
photography exhibition at Kvernhuset1913 
the 14 of April this year. Have you seen it, 
heard anything about it, so please contact me 
or Time Police Station. 
It is 30x45 cm, photo print on a block, 
and there is only one version of this. 
I want so much back!!!! 
(can also be returned anonymously). 

Sincerely, Anne Ueland

8 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic Anne.

    greetings, Joop

  2. Kjempestilig fra deg Anne! Kreativt!

  3. En glede og en stor inspirasjon å se hva du får til Anne :-)

    God påske videre til deg.

  4. Stilig! Du er jo så kreativ. Fortsatt god påske!

  5. Utrolig stilig og inspirerende. Alltid spennende å titte innom bloggen din.

  6. Thanks a lot to all of you, I am so happy that you like my photo :D