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mandag 5. april 2010

Cathy and the Happy Ending

Cathy is a tawny owl (Strix Aluco) that had been hit by a car and damaged a wing about 4 weeks ago.

16 days ago, the owl should return to her freedom, witch we were looking so forward to, and I were lucky to join, to see and photograph it, when she should fly away to her freedom. But unfortunatly it did not went that well then, so Rune had to take her back home for more care.

After I published the previous blog post about here, an owl expert from England Romilly Hambling contacted me, he wrote many great e-mails, with much wisdom and good advice about what Rune could do to rescue Cathy.

Now 16 days after good care, lots of rest and good food, we were ready to try to give her back her freedom again.

We went to the same place as last, to set her free in the environment she came from. We were not very optimistic of how this would go this time, but it was time to make a new attempt to set her free.

We went up between the trees, Rune should just change the grip he had on Cathy, and during a fraction of one second, she had flown away. This happened so fast that I did not see it, but so did the others. She flew great up between the trees, and good through the branches.

We went for a look, to see if we could find her, but she had flown away to her freedom. So this turned out beyond all expectation, and we are so happy, and I guess she is too, that can enjoy her freedom where she belongs.

I wish you a great life in the freedom Cathy, best wishes. And thanks a lot to Rune that allow me to join, and thanks a lot to Romilly Hambling for support and advices.

Romilly Hambling website: (where there's lots on their own owls)
Rune Karlsens blogg site: Natur i Bilder
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4 kommentarer:

  1. Bra det ble en lykkelig slutt på denne historien, og at Cathy ble frisk og fikk friheten tilbake!

  2. Ja, dette var så hyggelig, så nå får vi bare håpe det går bra med henne :)

  3. Que alucinante-adoro estas aves, creo que tienen una mistica y una energia especial.Saludos y Felices Pascuas.

  4. Hola. Sí, estos son realmente misteriosa y hermosa ave. Gracias :)